The real cybersecurity education

Academia is different. Your data isn't valuable until you share it. Your campus is wide open. Your faculty, EDUCAUSE and DOE all have differing opinions. Senior staff are asking questions that you don't have good answers for. It's time to redefine cybersecurity.

GreyCastle Security is currently providing cybersecurity and compliance solutions to:

  • Community colleges
  • 2- and 4-year colleges
  • Universities
  • Statewide university systems
  • Higher education consortiums
  • Workforce Development Institutions

Our highly-certified cybersecurity experts:

  • Are fluent in FERPA requirements and audit protocols
  • Understand academia constraints, influences and trends
  • Are experts in the standards (NIST SP 800-30) recommended by EDUCAUSE, CCBOA, NACUBO and others
  • Are former higher ed CIOs, CTOs and ISOs

Can you help me deal with student security?

We provide services that solve problems for students, faculty, senior staff and administration. From dormitory wireless security, BYOD and instructional technology issues to FERPA compliance, Directory data security and awareness training, all of our services are specifically tailored for academia.

How can you help our consortium with cybersecurity?

We work with the largest higher education consortiums in the country. Along the way we've perfected cybersecurity services and programs for consortiums, including:

  • Centralized cybersecurity program management
  • Shared policy development and implementation
  • Shared-services models for efficiencies across institutions
  • Multi-institution cybersecurity service delivery
  • Shared ISO and cybersecurity team management
  • Scalable cybersecurity control implementation
  • Onsite cybersecurity teams for each campus

We have the data to prove it

Our Clients have successfully built academic cybersecurity programs, handled student and faculty cybersecurity issues and effectively handled intrusions and breaches. But don't take our word for it - we'll let you ask them yourself.

How do I get started?

Whether you're a small community college or a large statewide university system we make it easy to get cybersecurity educated. Contact one of our Cybersecurity Solutions Advisors to get started.