3 reasons you need a Risk Assessment

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I convinced that my cybersecurity investments will enable and protect the business and save my job?
  2. Am I sure that I'm investing in the most critical areas first and not getting distracted by "low hanging fruit"?
  3. Am I confident that I will be able to prove ROI and progress so that the business has confidence in me and my approach?

if you answered "no" to any of the above, you need a Risk Assessment.

What is a Risk Assessment?

Organizations are investing more time, money and energy in cybersecurity than at any other period in history. Despite skyrocketing investments, organizations are no more secure than they were in the past. The reason is simple - organizations aren't doing enough of the right things in the right order.Risk Assessment Program

A Risk Assessment ensures that:

  1. You're doing the right things
  2. You're doing the right things in the right order
  3. You're doing enough of the right things

If Risk Assessment is not part of your cybersecurity program, now is the time to start.

What kind of Risk Assessment do I need?

Risk Assessments come in different shapes and sizes but they all do the same thing - identify, prioritize and measure cybersecurity risk. Industry, business strategy and regulatory requirements will determine which type of Risk Assessment you need.

What will I get out of my Risk Assessment?

Leverage us for your Risk Assessment if you want:

  1. A Plan - The output of your Risk Assessment will be a detailed plan that describes the priority and timing of all of your cybersecurity initiatives.
  2. A Measuring Stick - Your Risk Assessment will provide a system for measuring your short and long-term cybersecurity goals. It will also help you answer this question - "am I secure enough?"
  3. A Finish Line - Your Risk Assessment results will clearly define that amount of risk that is acceptable to your business, and how close you are to reaching that state.
  4. Confidence - Your Risk Assessment will give you, your management team, executives, auditors and regulators the confidence that you are effectively managing your risk and pursuing cybersecurity in a thoughtful, effective manner.
  5. Peace of Mind - An effective Risk Assessment is quite simply the only meaningful, actionable way to pursue cybersecurity. Your Risk Assessment is the greatest defense against hackers, malicious employees, auditors, regulators and career-ending events. Get some sleep, we've got your back.