Managed SOC Webinar Series

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Every day, threat actors evolve their technology and methods to circumvent existing cybersecurity protection. Even with defenses in place, attackers will get through, so organizations need to develop detection and response capabilities for that eventuality.

For those of you without the time or resources to develop those capabilities in-house, GreyCastle Security created our Managed Security Operations Center (Managed SOC). We established Managed SOC based on observed client needs as a full-service solution; you can let our experts do all the work.

Our solutions team put together a series of webinars on Managed SOC: what it is and what problems it can solve. These webinars are not just a sales pitch – they are an excellent resource for those interested in the current threat landscape and the cybersecurity challenges companies are facing today. Register today or watch them on-demand when available:

8/10: Intro to Managed SOC

GreyCastle Security's New Service: Managed SOC, the Foundation of Integrated Threat Defense & Incident Response

We discuss the basics of what goes into a Managed SOC solution, why you might need it, and how it solves some of your cybersecurity challenges.

8/24: Improved Visibility

Managed SOC Shines a Light on Threat Activity

Learn about the risks you face without robust monitoring tools in place and what your options are for improving visibility.

9/7: Expertise
& Insights

Monitoring Software Alone Won't Be Enough: Make Better Use of Your Cybersecurity Dollars

With an ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage, see how our Managed SOC service can take the strain off your team and provide much-needed expertise.

9/14: Incident Response

Reduce Attack Impact by Integrating Incident Response into Your Managed SOC

We’ll talk about the impact delays and miscommunications can have on the cost of an attack and how to reduce that impact by integrating IR with your SOC.