How can I get my own cybersecurity team and ISO?

Recruiting, hiring and maintaining a cybersecurity team and Information Security Office (ISO) can be a frustrating experience. More than likely, you've experienced this frustration due to:

  • Lack of available cybersecurity talent
  • Skyrocketing cybersecurity salaries
  • Limited operating budgets
  • Corporate politics
  • All of the above

GreyCastle Security's ISO-as-a-Service solves all of these problems. Engaging as much, or as little as you want, our ISO-as-a-Service is designed to scale to your needs. All without the usual headaches.

Just because it's flexible, doesn't mean it's lightweight. With our ISO-as-a-Service you get all of the same expertise, services and benefits of a seasoned, highly-certified cybersecurity team and ISO. Your cybersecurity risks will be addressed in the same manner as a full-time team, ensuring your business' security and compliance.

What do I get with ISO-as-a-Service?

Whether you need high-level strategy, or deep technical expertise, our ISO teams deliver expertise and experience in all areas of cybersecurity. In addition to our core services your IaaS cybersecurity team can provide:CyberSecurity Risk Management

  • Proactive Cybersecurity Leadership
  • Policy Development
  • Cybersecurity Standards
  • Operational Security
  • Security Remediation
  • Cybersecurity and Technology Product Evaluations
  • Technical Guidance
  • Security Architecture Development
  • Technical Assistance
  • Hands-On Guidance and Technical Support

Why is this better than hiring my own employees?

The reality is this - it makes way more sense to outsource your cybersecurity than to staff your own team. Outsourcing your cybersecurity efforts to GreyCastle Security makes sense financially, operationally and practically Here's why:

  1. Financially - It is time-consuming and expensive to recruit and retain top cybersecurity talent. Multiply that by the number of experts you need and the bill adds up quickly. And don't forget that cybersecurity salaries are skyrocketing.
  2. Operationally - Even if you are lucky enough to hire a cybersecurity professional, they can only be an expert at just so many things. At some point, this person will run out of room in their brain to stuff more cybersecurity into. Cybersecurity is a big job - you need expertise in many areas.
  3. Practically - Your cybersecurity expert is going to get sick, have bad days, go on vacation and then quit for a better job somewhere else. You need experts you can count on to provide security for your organization all the time.

Need more proof?

Let's say you hire a cybersecurity expert for $100K per year, and they are really good at 3 things and can give you 32 hours per week. What happens when you need expertise in a 4th area? Or need that 33rd hour? You have to add another cybersecurity expert for $100K (plus benefits and recruiting expenses). Now you're already at $200K per year plus benefits, and you still only have experts for 6 areas.

Utilizing our ISO-as-a-Service, that same $100K will buy you a complete team of cybersecurity experts and ISOs, each with years or decades of experience in your industry. You get specialists in Risk Assessment, Awareness, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Incident Response, not to mention PCI, HIPAA, NERC CIP and a host of other specialties.

And all of this comes with zero HR headaches.