General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

Is your business required to comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as defined by the EU Commission? Do you sell products or services to organizations with citizens residing in the EU? GreyCastle Security can help you identify your regulatory needs and what it will take to get you compliant. We focus on the delivery of solutions that are right for your organization.

At GreyCastle Security, we believe the success of the business is built on the success of the individual. When you engage GreyCastle Security, you get more than just a consultant, you get a team of individuals who operate based on shared core values in a culture that balances humility and confidence. Your success is our success.

The GreyCastle Security Proven Process Package: Includes all the documents and tools that are needed to execute an efficient, effective and sustainable Information Security Program. Our documentation includes policies, standards, service plans and processes necessary to meet the spirit and intent of GDPR requirements and also meets the spirit and intent of just about any security compliance framework.

GDPR Gap Assessment + Implementation Blueprint: Our GDPR Gap Assessment + Implementation Blueprint will provide clarity on the level of effort that is needed to get you from where you are today to GDPR compliance. With a multitude of deliverables, you'll be able to leverage actionable intelligence to make an informed decision moving forward.

Information Asset Management: Our asset inventory building process creates a systematic and deliberate approach that illuminates where your data resides and what your information assets are. GDPR requirements outline specific data to be protected and processed in a secure manner. Using an asset-based, risk management approach, you can be sure your security program addresses compliance requirements from GDPR and many other chosen relevant frameworks, while also prioritizing real security threats to your assets and your business. Take advantage of our expertise in this space and build your system (i.e. program) right the first time.

Facilitated Risk Assessment: Our Facilitated Risk Assessment is a major component of the Plan Phase of our Proven Process. We leverage the high-quality information asset inventory created in the above step, and then utilize a proven risk management framework and the tools from our Proven Process Package to provide you with clarity on your organization’s security risk levels and answering the important "W" questions for informed choice decisions and actionable intelligence.

Risk Treatment and Control Implementation: Implementing the controls necessary to keep your business secure and ensure data subject rights are observed is critical to GDPR compliance. With this service we can provide you with the leadership and guidance to see that your risk levels are lowered, mitigating controls are in place, and continuous improvement is embedded into your information security program. We also provide the Knowledge Transfer Advantage so that training is baked in throughout the implementation process.