[greycastle security podcasts]

Episode One:

Introducing Knights of the Cyber Table

Welcome to the first episode of Knights of the Cyber Table! Put on your armor and pull up a chair as we talk with Co-Founder, Mike Stamas, about the culture of GreyCastle Security and how the vision of the company came to be what it is today.

Episode Two:

Spring Cleaning - Cleaning up your Cybersecurity Cobwebs

The season of “spring cleaning” is the perfect time to update your cybersecurity measures and take stock of what needs to be revised. Join our Director of Product Management, Wil Seiler, as he discusses best practices and what parts of your program you should focus on improving this spring.

Episode Three:

Security Culture - Why It’s Critical and How to Position for It

To have a culture of security or not to have a culture of security, that is the question! We sat down with Senior Security Specialist, Matt Farry as he breaks down why incorporating a culture of cybersecurity in your organization is critical and how to position for it to be a part of your company’s budget. He also gives us some exclusive insight into what his clients' biggest concerns are. Tune in to this week’s episode.

Episode Four:

Who Run the World? Girls! – Cybersecurity’s Gender Gap: Why Representation Matters

On this week's podcast we will be in full "girl power mode" talking about the gender gap in cybersecurity, what it’s like to be a woman in the industry and the advice our guests would like to give toward young women studying in the STEM field today.

We are lucky to have Security Specialist, Alyssa Slayton and Senior Security Specialist, Christina D’Antonio to give us the insight of what they see on a day to day basis.

Episode Five:

Separate Cyber Fact from Fiction: Top 6 Misconceptions in Cybersecurity

On this week's podcast we break down the top common misconceptions in the cybersecurity industry. Ray Feldman, Cybersecurity Solutions Specialist, joins us to identify and demystify six of the most common cyber misconceptions that organizations still believe.