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Episode Eleven:

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage - What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business's Assets

The amount of unfilled cybersecurity jobs is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022, up 20% from 1.5 million in 2015, according to the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. Unfortunately, this isn’t anything new and it has big implications for the security of your business and its information assets.

This week we have Cybersecurity Solutions Advisor, Paul Robinson, to discuss what the cybersecurity skills shortage is about and what can we possibly do as an industry for a solution.

Episode Ten:

Managing and Surviving Vendor Security Questionnaires

GreyCastle Security talks with organizations every day that are stunned by the volume of vendor questionnaires they are receiving. For some of these organizations, it's the first time they started thinking seriously about their cybersecurity programs. Others have been doing this for years and haven't found a good solution for keeping their head above water. Join us and Security Strategist, Daniel Gibson, as we discuss tips and best practices for making vendor security questionnaires more manageable.

Episode Nine:

Vulnerability Assessments vs. Penetration Testing: What’s the Difference?

Senior Security Specialist, Gary Braglia breaks down the differences between Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing. We dive into the dangers of confusing the two terms and how you can be easily fooled you are getting one when your organization actually needs the other.

Join us as Gary Braglia educates us on this confusing yet important topic.

Episode Eight:

6 Steps to Creating an Effective Cybersecurity Program

Vice President of Services, Dan Didier sits down with us and discusses why having an effective program can help make your organization stay afloat when it comes to cybersecurity. The biggest theme of this conversation is why organizations need to start realizing this is not an IT decision, this is a serious business decision.

Episode Seven:

Living Your Values: The Secret to a Strong Company Culture

Curious what good company culture is? On this week episode of Knights of the Cyber Table we break down GreyCastle Security’s core values, vibes (value infused behaviors) and why it’s important to not only establish core values but to define them.

Join us and Director of People and Culture, Francesca LoPorto, as we give you tips on how to improve your work environment as well as the importance of authentically incorporating an inclusive place for all of your employees to work.

Episode Six:

Cybersecurity Awareness for Winners: How to Create Your Effective Program

Everyone knows that being aware of cybersecurity protocols is important. But where do you begin when training? You have to consider everything from, who should you include in the trainings, how to make them effective and how to keep your attendees engaged. Security Specialist, Brian Murphy, gives us a glimpse into how he makes awareness trainings interactive and memorable.

Episode Five:

Separate Cyber Fact from Fiction: Top 6 Misconceptions in Cybersecurity

On this week's podcast we break down the top common misconceptions in the cybersecurity industry. Ray Feldman, Cybersecurity Solutions Specialist, joins us to identify and demystify six of the most common cyber misconceptions that organizations still believe.

Episode Four:

Who Run the World? Girls! – Cybersecurity’s Gender Gap: Why Representation Matters

On this week's podcast we will be in full "girl power mode" talking about the gender gap in cybersecurity, what it’s like to be a woman in the industry and the advice our guests would like to give toward young women studying in the STEM field today.

We are lucky to have Security Specialist, Alyssa Slayton and Senior Security Specialist, Christina D’Antonio to give us the insight of what they see on a day to day basis.

Episode Three:

Security Culture - Why It’s Critical and How to Position for It

To have a culture of security or not to have a culture of security, that is the question! We sat down with Senior Security Specialist, Matt Farry as he breaks down why incorporating a culture of cybersecurity in your organization is critical and how to position for it to be a part of your company’s budget. He also gives us some exclusive insight into what his clients' biggest concerns are. Tune in to this week’s episode.

Episode Two:

Spring Cleaning - Cleaning up your Cybersecurity Cobwebs

The season of “spring cleaning” is the perfect time to update your cybersecurity measures and take stock of what needs to be revised. Join our Director of Product Management, Wil Seiler, as he discusses best practices and what parts of your program you should focus on improving this spring.

Episode One:

Introducing Knights of the Cyber Table

Welcome to the first episode of Knights of the Cyber Table! Put on your armor and pull up a chair as we talk with Co-Founder, Mike Stamas, about the culture of GreyCastle Security and how the vision of the company came to be what it is today.