Cybersecurity Threats: I Was Caged! A Confession from a Mad, Cybersecurity Geek

Yup, it’s true and I can’t believe it! A proud, perfectly clean record, held for a solid year… Gone in under two minutes. Oh, the embarrassment of logging into my computer, just to find dancing images of Nicolas Cage everywhere, dancing, making strange Nicolas Cage faces and repeatedly mocking me for my inexcusable indiscretion. Thank you, Brian D., for exposing my oversight before I became a company liability and possibly the next cybersecurity headline.

In all seriousness, here at GreyCastle Security, we consistently challenge our entire staff (every Knight) to practice the cybersecurity disciplines we preach to our clients. Cybersecurity awareness is a way of life, not just a checkbox on a survey.

My confession:

Today I was caught, and it was fast and embarrassingly simple. I do take cybersecurity very seriously. I keep my desk clear of identifiable or risky information. I never leave passwords lying around. I immediately delete suspicious emails. And, I used to say, with confidence, that “I always lock my computer when unattended.” I can no longer make that statement. Because today I committed an ultimate cybersecurity sin. I left my desk to get a document from the printer where I have complete visibility of my computer.

No problem with this first step (it’s not the issue) because I can clearly see my computer from the printer and would be completely aware of someone entering my office (the printer is directly next to my office door). While I was grabbing my document, I was asked a question from another office. Here’s where things went south. Without even thinking, I left the safe zone. I simply, and with the best intentions, went to answer the question. This left my unlocked computer exposed and vulnerable for less than two minutes.

By embarrassing me a little, Brian has made myself and, in turn, GreyCastle Security more secure from cyber threat.

That’s right, in under 120 seconds’ time, my new best friend, Brian D., entered my office and “Nick Caged” my computer completely undetected. To make matters worse, and no offense to Brian, he’s no ninja and there’s nothing stealth about him. However, Brian is an expert at teaching powerful lessons about cybersecurity awareness. By Caging my computer, he has made me even more aware of my cybersecurity faults so I can be even more diligent moving forward. By embarrassing me a little, Brian has made myself and, in turn, GreyCastle Security more secure from cyber threat.

I would like to publicly confess my shame and thank Brian again for his diligence. I only hope that every company has a Brian, testing their people, making them more aware, and keeping their company safe. After all, the most dangerous device on your network is organic.


About the Author: Chad Walter

Chad F. Walter is the Vice President, Business Development at GreyCastle Security.  In this role, Mr. Walter leads a growing team of cybersecurity business development professionals and is an integral part of the GreyCastle Security strategy team.

Mr. Walter has amassed over 20 years of strategic leadership and developmental experience within cybersecurity, information technology and executive leadership. He has served as CEO of CFWalter Consulting, LLC, President of IntegraLED, Director of Channel Development for Network Box USA, Vice President of Operations for Chile-IT, and as the President and COO for D&D Consulting.