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GreyCastle Security has entered into a partnership with EDUCAUSE, aimed at helping higher education institutions address their top cybersecurity challenges. Special pricing for EDUCAUSE members is available.

Information security and data privacy are critical issues for higher education institutions. The GreyCastle Security-EDUCAUSE partnership will give EDUCAUSE members access to GreyCastle Security’s deep knowledge and expertise of cybersecurity issues within higher education, including GLBA compliance, incident response, risk assessment, governance, FERPA requirements, data security, and privacy.



Aligning Your Cybersecurity With Your Business Goals for Higher Education Institutions On-Demand Webinar

Step 1: Recognizing your institution is not where it needs to be regarding cybersecurity. Step 2: Figuring out how to get traction to make the changes in order to move forward. Maybe it’s your budget, senior leadership buy-in, or pushback from various parts of the education community. You’re not the only one facing these challenges – and there is hope. With a plan and the right support, security can be accomplished.

Join GreyCastle Security as we work through how to overcome these barriers and manage information security risks in your college/university.


How to Address Vendor Risk & Third-Party Security Challenges On-Demand Webinar

You’ve spent time, money and energy securing your organization. But are you managing the risk introduced by your business partners, vendors and third parties? Join GreyCastle Security for an in-depth look into vendor risk management. Learn what’s working, what’s not, and how your organization can better manage one of the most challenging security issues facing organizations today.


Incident Response and Your Business Cheat Sheet

When it comes to cybersecurity incidents, it's a matter of when, not if.

During security incidents, organizations who have planned and prepared for the inevitable lose less money, are back online in less time, and generally report incidents less often than those who haven't prepared.

This cheat sheet offers quick tips for incident response, including what to expect during the first 24 hours of an incident and how to develop a more effective incident response plan.


3 Ways to Align Cybersecurity with Business Goals Infographic

Where does cybersecurity fit into your enterprise strategy?

There's a critical link between innovative digital growth strategies and robust cybersecurity programs. This infographic outlines three ways in which you can align cybersecurity with business goals to generate revenue.