GreyCastle Security was founded almost a decade ago on the principle that cybersecurity and effective defense is entirely possible if you use common sense, apply a system of measurement and know what you're trying to protect.

We help organizations to develop effective cybersecurity programs, minimize the impact of state and federal compliance regulations, improve client retention, and mitigate security incidents. Our revolutionary approach to service delivery solidifies the business mindset that cybersecurity is not just an “IT” issue – it’s about the overall health of your business.

At GreyCastle Security, we uphold the highest standards. We hire the best people, we have the best processes and the best delivery. With an all-time NPS of 82, not only does that represent our excellent quality of work, but the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers in a highly competitive industry.

Along with our strong foundation of transparency, humble confidence and having a "one team one score" mindset, we have a strong reputation for being a workplace full of high-motivation, encouragement, and morale.


Accountability Efficiency Humble Integrity Kindness Safety Transparency

GreyCastle Security's values are the organization's guiding principles. We are all committed to continuously living, representing and upholding those values, internally and externally.


We're not afraid to say - we're a little bit different. Our cybersecurity experts are former CIOs, CTOs, ISOs, business owners and technicians. We have been where you are. We’ve answered to audit committees, board members, and CEOs, and we understand the politics, economics and headaches of cybersecurity. Your engagement with us will be different, because we:

  • Approach cybersecurity from a business solutions perspective. An effective, robust program delivers ROI.
  • See things from a client’s perspective. We’ve been in your business, talking to your board, and understanding your risk.
  • Do cybersecurity, all day, every day. We don't sell phones, computers or insurance.
  • Don't sell hardware or software and it doesn’t matter what you already have – we're going to make it all more secure.
  • Are former consumers of inadequate or inappropriate cybersecurity services; we assume that you have been burned in the past.

A formalized cybersecurity program can accelerate the growth of your business. We can help you start the engine.